AbacusCentral is the Program and Project Management (PPM) framework of AbacusConsulting. We hold project management and delivery to be central to our ability in order to AbacusCentral - AbacusConsultingdeliver required results to our clients. Therefore, we have invested significant resources in our organizational capacity to manage and execute plans and projects.

AbacusCentral is a comprehensive framework which requires mandatory application by all service areas and people who are a part of AbacusConsulting.

It consists of three core elements as follows:

• The Program and Project Management (PPM) policy enforced centrally by the Board of Directors of AbacusConsulting 
• As a partner to the Project Management Institute (PMI), a comprehensive program of PMP (Project Management Professional), AbacusConsulting is responsible for effective execution of projects.
• AbacusConsulting offers a platform which automates the entire process of project execution, from planning and control to project closure.

AbacusCentral is a continuous initiative as a part of our organizational development. Through AbacusCentral, we assure our clients that their confidence should remain steadfast in AbacusConsulting. For further information relating to AbacusCentral, please email us at info@abacus-global.com