Message from the President
In today's hyper-competitive business environment, being ahead of your opponents comprises of devising the correct strategies, implementing efficient business processes, integrating cutting edge technologies, and aligning with the right business partners who can add value and exposure. It is this very philosophy that underlines our approach of helping our clients transform their businesses and create a vibrant new future for business.

CEO/President Asad Ali Khan - AbacusConsulting

After spending over 25 years in the field of management advice and solutions, AbacusConsulting has assisted hundreds of clients utilizing our diverse portfolio of service offerings including Business Transformation Solutions (Including SAP Implementation and SAP Education), Information Technology Solutions (including Business Process Outsourcing), Human Capital Solutions and Corporate Finance & Strategy Consulting.

In our quest to meet the clients' challenging business needs, we have consistently invested in new partnerships, introduced innovative concepts, and pioneered new technologies. Allow me then, to invite you to further explore our products and services by browsing through our website.

We look forward to having a sitting with you, discussing the critical business problems you face, and offering you pertinent solutions for them. The numerous success stories of our clients will go on to show you that through our combination of world-class business services and technology solutions, you are in perfectly safe hands.    

Chairman / President,

Asad Ali Khan