Offering intelligent solutions to a diverse client portfolio across various specializations

Strategic Performance Management
In a globalized world with rapidly shifting economic scenarios with all the risks and opportunities evolving from disruptive technological advancements, we at Abacus assist our clients take effective strategic management decisions.Strategic Performance Management - AbacusConsulting

At AbacusConsulting we aim to help clients develop proactive strategies for sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors. Our clients are market leaders from their respective business sectors and we institutionalize emerging market trends within their organizations, enabling them to redefine the possible. We help them predict the future opportunities accurately which we believe is also the best way to create them. We developed a Strategic Performance Enhancement Framework based on the Balanced Scorecard Methodology, which was originally developed by Prof Dr. Robert. S. Kaplan of Harvard Business School and Dr. David. P. Norton, enabling corporate leaders translate their vision into successful actions and results by incorporating effective measurement criterion into operational processes.

Strategy Development and Clarification
A clear cut and fully-blown strategy is crucial for any organization to move forward and to develop that exclusive road map, AbacusConsulting can be your partner of choice. We not only help our clients develop their strategies, but also assist in implementing them and overseeing the execution.   

Performance Improvement Consulting
The individual performance of individuals is what improves the collective performance of an organization. If the foundations are strong, so will be the structure. At AbacusConsulting, we will ensure that performance at all levels, basic and collective, is being closely monitored. Our specialists with their vast experience in their respective fields have a very clear idea of how to improve the performance and take it to the required next level.

Change Management Consulting
AbacusConsulting fully understands the demanding business environment of today and realizes that there is little chance of development for organizations unless they undergo strategic changes every now and then. It is for this reason that the process of Change is of high significance and the decisions taken therein should be closely understood and monitored before being finally implemented. Abacus, through its vast experience in such matters, considers itself a pioneer in Change Management Consultancy and promises reliable assistance.

Executive Seminars
In order for organizations to grow and have a deeper insight into the market that they work in, the need for the executive heads and top line managers to meet has become of paramount importance. Executive Seminars are arranged by Abacus to serve this very purpose.    

Trainings and Certifications
Different and diversified trainings have become an important aspect of career development for individuals and professionals of all fields. AbacusConsulting conducts and organizes a wide variety of trainings and certifications of such kind with the aim to develop and nourish brains for career and organizational growth. 

Management Information System
An efficient and effective Management Information System has become an integral part of all organizations today. A firm aspiring to lead the market and not having an effective MIS system is an impossible notion. AbacusConsulting has in the past developed MIS for numerous organizations and helped them run the businesses much more efficiently.