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Metals, Materials and Chemicals
Over 40 different kinds of distinct metals and minerals are found across Pakistan, establishing the country as a preferred destination for various mining companies. The international momentum of consolidation that has had a positive effect on the global metals business has profoundly redefined the dynamics of the Pakistani Industry as well, enhancing the fortunes of many metal and mining companies which are contributing to development of local economy.  Cement manufacture, where Pakistan has a competitive advantage due to the abundant resources of limestone, is a key component of the construction industry which in turn is considered a visible sign of development in any country. Companies wishing to thrive in the metals , mining or chemicals industry must search for partners who share their competitive streak, establish structures and execution plans more advanced than their closest competitors and select the path that leads to sustainable growth and progress.




Commodity Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals


Fertilizers, Pesticides, Other agrochemicals

Forestry and Papers

Forestry, Papers

Industrials Metals and Mining

Aluminum, Nonferrous Metals, Iron & Steel


Coal, Diamonds & Gemstones, General Mining, Gold Mining, Platinum & Precious Metals

Construction and Materials

Cement, Other Building Materials & Fixtures, Heavy Construction, Infrastructure