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Telecom & Technology
Sustainable and tangible growth has been witnessed in Information Technology industry since the Dot-Com Bubble burst late last century and the industry learned valuable lessons. Wireless technologies dominate share of broadband market, with the number of broadband users in Pakistan crossing the one million mark by the end of FY2011, up 66% YoY (Pakistan Telecom Authority). The coming together of networks and devices, and the right people to manage the two has been integral in transforming IT and telecom as we know it. The social media networking has been one important and fast-growing outcome. For communication service providers it is the need of the hour to focus on maintaining a minimum and recognized quality of service, the lack of which can result in the loss of existing customer base and serious losses in a highly competitive industry environment.

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Fixed Line Telecom, Mobile Telecom

Information Technology

Internet, IT Services, Computer Software, ITC Hardware & Equipment, Semiconductors