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Key Features
Create, view and post SBO documents through mobiles including, sales order, delivery document, and invoice.
•  Capture payment details against invoices.
•  Perform cash and credit sales using single mobile form, and automatically generate sales order, delivery, invoice documents and payments in SAP Business One.
•  Provision to copy from source document to automatically populate form data from base document.
•  Signature Capturing and Invoice Printing.

 Through our robust and secure ERP middleware, Enterprise Mobility Solutions can be easily configured to meet your custom business requirements, including but not limited to:
•  Setting up master data to assist mobile forms input.
•  Define data filters to send mobile user specific data.
•  Choose selected document fields and UDFs to be shown to mobile user(s).
•  Configure formatted search query to provide intelligent data input and search features.
•  Perform custom validation of data to be posted by mobile users.

Our Enterprise Mobility Solution is suitable for the following industries. •  Automotive &Transport
•  Chemicals
•  Telecommunications
•  Engineering & Construction
•  Entertainment, Media & Publishing
•  Manufacturing and Processing
•  Pharmaceuticals / Health Care
•  Retail / Fast Moving Consumer Goods
•  Technology / Services / Miscellaneous