Abacus & Apigee Webinar:

Why APIs are different than Integration?


Businesses are expected to deliver apps that are flexible and scalable enough to seamlessly deliver the right content and capabilities at the right moment to the right person across channels. To cater to these shifts, traditional integration-based and monolithic architectures are no longer relevant to modern applications development. Businesses must embrace an API-centric architecture, which offers flexibility, speed, and ease to the developers and architects and drives tangible business outcomes.

APIs are the key to the development of robust and scalable enterprise applications. Apps are built using APIs on the front-end to connect the User Experience (UX) layer, on the backend to connect to data and services, on the sides to allow other apps to connect to their internal data and processes. Apps, themselves, are built with interlinked micro-services which are connected together through APIs

In this webinar, you’ll explore the API-centric architectures and how they are different than traditional integrations. You will also learn their role as a foundational technology for modern apps development.

The webinar covers:

  • The dichotomy between API-centric architecture and Centralized service model
  • How app development has evolved with DevOps, Micro-services, and Containerization
  • Businesses require APIs to implement AI
  • Why traditional architecture is not relevant to address new business challenges
  • How an API-centric approach can impact your business



Oliver Ogg

Head of Digital Strategy EMEA

Google Cloud

saif ul islam

Saif ul Islam Khan

Senior Solution Architect

Abacus Consulting


Alex Lagat Kipkirui

Senior Manager – Enterprise Integration & Order Management, Digital IT, Technology,

Safaricom Limited