Abacus and Apigee Webinar
Abacus and Apigee Webinar

Abacus & Apigee Webinar:

Delivering Omni-channel Experience with APIs


Businesses all over the world know the significance of Omni-channel strategies; however, too many of them are struggling to understand and adapt to the very essence of it. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market is no different. The GCC has become a growing paradise for the customers and brands equally. Yet, the focus of businesses is on delivering a list of individual channels, and not on building a cohesive customer experience. Designing a responsive website, a mobile app and active social media channels is no longer enough to delight the customers. Businesses must provide customers with a consistent, engaging, and seamless experience across channels, every time.

Join this webinar and learn how API-centric strategy helps businesses to design a modern omni-channel ecosystem. This approach positions businesses to respond to shifting behavior of customers without making significant changes to the underlying systems. Through microservices architecture, businesses can drive innovation at a faster pace — resulting in seamless, secure and scalable customer experiences.

Webinar highlights:

  • What exactly Omni-channel experience is and what does it mean to your business?
  • Leverage APIs and API management to design rapid, secure and scalable omni-channel experience
  • Use insights to decode customer behavior across the customer journey, improve customer interaction and increase customer loyalty
  • Real examples of how an API-led approach helps businesses to capitalize on the omni-channel promise.


Abacus and Apigee Webinar

Gareth Dunne

Manager, Digital Transformation Solutions


Abacus and Apigee Webinar

Justus Mallach

Digital Transformation Lead, EMEA