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For every industry, the boom in mobile devices, big data and cloud technologies has profoundly changed the market dynamics. The convergence of digital and physical worlds has drastically evolved the needs and expectations of the clients and partners of businesses all over the world. To thrive, a new approach is required that enables innovation with agility so that organizations can meet changing business requirements while allowing existing systems to continue running reliably, efficiently, and securely.

Partnered with Apigee — a Google’s company, AbacusConsulting is focused on helping businesses like yours to accelerate with APIs (Application Programming Interface). With our Intelligent API Management services, your business can adapt fast by unlocking the value of data and deliver modern applications quickly. It enables you to monetize your digital assets by connecting with the outer world and become a truly digital business.

How APIs are different than Integration?

Ebook Many developers and architects consider APIs as an evolution of the integration based architecture.
However, this is a limited view that ignores the bigger truth that APIs have become a foundation of digital transformation.

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Why it matters?

Our intelligent API management services can help your organization to:


API management

Rethink Retail: Deliver Connected Customer Experiences

ABACUS GLOBAL March 4,2018

According to a research conducted by Big Commerce: 67% of the millennials prefer to shop online rather than in-store. . . . . .

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API management in Pakistan

Digital Economy &

ABACUS GLOBAL March 4,2018

The advent of the digital economy brings with it a shift in the strategies of businesses entities, regardless of industry and reach. The accelerated pace at which the digital economy continues to grow in the span of a few years changes the game

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API management in Pakistan

Staying Relevant In the Fourth Industrial Revolution

ABACUS GLOBAL March 4,2018

We’re in the fourth industrial wave: an era that is drastically shifting the way we live, work and connect to one another. . . . . .

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