For retailers, there are several driving forces that call for a new approach to business and technology. The first is changing customer behavior and expectations as a result of patterns that are fundamentally different than they were prior to the rise of mobile, social, and cloud computing.

The second is the rise of digital competitors—platform players like eBay, Amazon, and Apple are changing the game for established businesses in most industries, including retail, and creating incentive for major companies to act. In order to stay competitive and keep up with customers, retailers and brands strive to be agile. They need the ability to deploy new features and make changes continuously and quickly.

The imperative for retailers is to build a digitally enabled customer experience, digitize business processes, and develop new business models for a digital world.

What's inside?

  • Linking the in-store experience to the digital life of customers
  • Enabling seamless experiences through apps
  • Gaining agility and scalability through APIs
  • Gathering business intelligence through contextual analysis.
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