Telecommunications companies are part of the most pervasive and critical infrastructure in every country on earth. They cater to millions of customers, and worldwide they generate approximately $1.5 trillion in business revenue. The huge revenue opportunity alone makes this market a target for disruption but there are other factors at play that make the market ripe for disruption and innovation.
First, and largely because of the abundance of devices and evolution of high-speed networks, consumers are finding new ways to use what we consider traditional telephony experiences.
Secondly, the shift from voice networks to IP networks opens up many new possibilities. Telecommunications and the Web are increasingly merging into a powerful services platform.

What's inside:

  • Innovate around applications and APIs.
  • Enable developers and partners to extend Telco services.
  • Think global, not existing subscriber base and market.
  • Adopt the agile techniques of Internet companies.
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