The reason why your organization needs to upgrade its approach to application and data integration is a simple, yet evergreen, IT challenge: The current technology and tools it relies on are inadequate. But the reasons why they are inadequate are complex; exploring those reasons will help to define the requirements for the new application and data integration solution you’ll choose.

This buyer’s guide puts solution requirements — everything from scalability, to support for legacy data frameworks — into the context of the five important questions you’re undoubtedly asking yourself right now:

  • What does the business need?
  • What does the IT organization need?
  • What does the data need to do, now and in the future?
  • Is the integration technology truly modern?
  • How can we get the most performance for the lowest TCO?
Read the eBook to find out the answers.


This eBook is created by Snaplogic. Abacus Consulting, being a partner, is using it with Snaplogic❜s permission.

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