Working with SAP

With Tableau, it is easy to create a live connection with full support for the underlying SAP security. This is accomplished without additional SAP security scripting. The connection empowers users to interact with the data and gain insights at the speed of thought.

Depending on the environment, analyzing data through SAP BW can be slow. BW is not a database; it acts as an ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool to interpret your request and fetch the data. Connecting Tableau to this environment means that Tableau’s ability to access data relies on BW’s ability to deliver it.

SAP has a BW accelerator that can improve this throughput. You can also extract the data or utilize SAP HANA, which has been specifically designed to overcome performance issues.

Create visualizations in Tableau Desktop, and share them securely with Tableau Online or Tableau Server. Published workbooks carry the level of security inherent in the SAP data connection. Tableau can add additional user-level—or even row-level—security.

This can be applied in several ways:

  • Vary the level of data users can view based on login credentials.
  • Prevent saving, editing, and sharing of visualizations and underlying data.
  • Allow or deny image export.
  • Allow or deny Web authoring edits, saves, and deletes.
  • Add and view comments.

Tableau Online or Tableau Server can maintain the live data link to ensure all users see up-to-date information.

Today many companies are already seeing and understanding their SAP data with Tableau. They are empowering their employees with self-service analytics/business intelligence, enabling them to quickly spot trends and outliers.

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