Tableau Now SAP-Certified to Integrate with HANA
Tableau has achieved official SAP certification integration with SAP HANA.
Tableau users have long enjoyed the combination of Tableau and SAP HANA to quickly analyze their data. Tableau first introduced support for SAP HANA in Tableau 7.09 release nearly three years ago. Since then Tableau has made numerous improvements to the connector based on your feedback. And as Tableau 9.1 to 2018.2 and this certification show, Tableau remain committed to the enterprise users who rely on Tableau to access and get the most out of their SAP HANA environments.

In addition to the certification, Tableau also added several new HANA capabilities since in its version Tableau 9.1. One of them was improved support for Variables/Parameters. User can change variable values at any point during their analytic process through simple prompting. This is supported on both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

Another significant improvement is the introduction of support for single sign-on (SSO) with SAP HANA. When SAP HANA is configured to support SSO, you can access data, and publish data sources and workbooks to Tableau Server without having to enter your username and password.
The SSO capability simplifies the flow for accessing SAP HANA data. You can enable the feature on the start page in Tableau Desktop. Under Connect, select SAP HANA, and specify a server name. Select Use Windows Authentication, and then click OK. This will log the user into SAP HANA using their existing Windows (AD) credentials.

After you connect to SAP HANA data, you can create a data source and publish it to Tableau Server for others to use. You can also create a view and publish the workbook to Tableau Server. To enable SSO when you publish a data source to Tableau Server, select Data > Publish to Server, then set Authentication to Viewer Credentials.

Any user accessing this workbook from Tableau Server will be automatically logged into SAP HANA using his or her own credentials. Users can leverage this single sign-on functionality with other supported features like Analytic Privileges, or even the new prompting support for HANA Variables.
Tableau's connection with SAP HANA continues to offer best-in-class solutions for our users. Tableau continue to work with our partners at SAP to support users leveraging our products together.

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