How to Enable SAP BW with Tableau
Your SAP system holds critical data, but to make use of that data, you need to be able to analyze it, which is where Tableau can help. With the Tableau SAP BW connector you can connect your SAP data directly to Tableau, and begin extracting value from your data at the speed of thought.
Join this webinar to see why SAP BW needs a solid visualization platform, Tableau, in order to rapidly analyze your SAP data alongside information from virtually any data source to make faster, better informed business decisions.
Join Robert Green of Tableau and Ahmed Ali khan of Agilexi, to learn how to:
Connect to your data with Tableau's SAP BW Connector
·         Unleash real-time analytical insight from your SAP data
·         Improve ROI and user acceptance of your SAP solution with visual analytics.
·         Join us to submit questions during the live Q&A with our presenter and attendees.
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