The partnership will focus on optimizing and streamlining operational and business data to help owners and managers drive efficiencies.

Tufail Group has been a figurehead in the chemical industry for the past six decades. Initiating business as an import house of chemicals, metals & minerals in partnership with some of the world’s most renowned organizations in this area, the group has a diversified portfolio dealing with the production and distribution of industrial chemicals, plastic raw material, aluminium products and polymer.

One of the pre-requisites of an intelligent enterprise is to adopt the latest technologies and fast track its digital transformation journey, and for a powerhouse like Tufail, bringing in automation and accessing real time data to generate tremendous business value was paramount. Tufail Chemical Industries partnered with Abacus for the implementation of SAP S/4HANA 1809, a state of the art service platform for large scale businesses to streamline business operations through real time data. This strategic partnership between Abacus and Tufail Group focuses on creating a harmonized data architecture and a holistic view of the group’s financial, production, supply chain and distribution processes.

‘We are extremely pleased with successfully going live on SAP S/4HANA. This was a culmination of 8 months of hard work, overcoming various technical and change management challenges. A crucial enabler of this success was a sense of shared objectives, values and chemistry between the Tufail and Abacus teams. We had a good alignment at the senior leadership level in terms of project scope, cost and the overall value to be derived, and at the operational level in terms of the project plan, knowledge sharing and flexibility with each other,’ commented Adeel Shahid, Finance & Transformation Director at Tufail Group, at the virtual ‘Go Live’ ceremony.

The Covid 19 crisis kicked in a few months into the project and the lockdown posed numerous new challenges for the teams, during which the very real possibility of shutting down the operations was also considered. Despite all odds, the teams continued working remotely and delivered the project on time, setting new standards for remote implementations in the new normal.

‘What impressed me especially was the resilience and spirit shown by both teams during the Covid 19 crisis. Due to the government restrictions on social contact, there was a time during the project where we were faced with a very real prospect of stopping work indefinitely. Both teams came together, re-planned activities and continued working remotely. This allowed us to stay on track without losing much time,’ added Mr. Shahid.

The comprehensive SAP S/4HANA suite at Tufail Chemical Industries combines information and operational technology, allowing employees and managers to enhance time-to-value, optimize tracking and management of production activities and increase transparency across their supply chain processes. With over 10 distinct modules implemented across 3 companies at Tufail during the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic, this is the first implementation of its kind in the chemical industry of Pakistan.

‘Everything was going according to plan and it was business as usual until the pandemic struck. We knew we could deliver the project remotely, and I commend TG’s Management for their courageous decision to continue. The collaboration between both teams in these challenging times is commendable, utilizing online tools to ensure a successful and timely delivery. With commitment and resilience, nothing is impossible. As this is the new normal, we must find new creative solutions and continue to move on,’ said Arshad Iqbal, Senior Executive Director, Abacus.

‘The strategic objective of this complex engagement was to ensure that Tufail Chemicals can reap the benefits of this transformation by adopting the best practices offered by a world-class solution like SAP in a timely manner. The outbreak of COVID 19 posed great challenges, and we had several discussions with TG in strategizing the way-forward; to keep the project rolling with 0% risk exposure to our resources’ health & safety. Commendable efforts were put in by both the teams which were truly and duly backed-up by their management to cross the finish line. We wish Tufail Chemicals the very best in all their future endeavors.’ Umair Ijaz, VP at Abacus.

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