Job Evaluation Utilization Snapshot Survey 2019



Snapshot Survey Report 2019 Job Evaluation Utilization

Abacus Consulting developed the Job Evaluation Snapshot Survey with the aim to gauge demand for Job Evaluation practice in organizations. Survey questions were developed around several topics including business challenges, ROI and policies and practices.

37 distinct organizations, spread across 18 industries, participated in the survey. This report documents the findings gathered on the aforementioned topics from the respondents. We hope that you find the survey findings beneficial and insightful as you seek to introduce or refine job evaluation practices within your organization.

The report was divided between potential and existing users.

Findings from Potential Users:

  • Potential users, inclusive of HR department, have high level of understanding of job evaluation concepts.
  • There is a strong need to develop understanding on job evaluation as per Mercer’s methodology in their organizations.
  • Job evaluation will bring about efficiency and effectiveness in overall processes such as internal equity, compensation system, internal benchmarking, grading structure, and organization wide restructuring.

Findings from Existing Users:

  • Salary benchmarking, grading structure internal comparability, organizational alignment and rewards management are the key business challenges faced by the organizations.
  • Implementation of job evaluation as per Mercer’s methodology leads to ROI realization
  • Job Evaluation has resulted in reliable compensation and benefit decisions which translate into considerable savings.
  • The implementation of job evaluation has improved the efficiency of individual grading requests.

The survey further highlights:

  • The reasons organizations choose to conduct job evaluation.
  • The level of transparency among organizations while conducting job evaluation and the associated communication practices adopted by various respondents in their organization.
  • Job evaluation applications which contribute to the decision making process.
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