Gender Pay Gap in the Corporate Sector of Pakistan
Reality vs Perception

Gender Pay Gap in the Corporate Sector of Pakistan

As the corporate world reaches a new era of advancements, organizations are promoting diverse cultures, leaders are focusing on equality as management adopts a more flexible approach, and yet, gender pay gap remains a critical topic, discussed with more emotions and less facts.

Globally, many countries including UK, US and France have passed laws to address this concern. As per Mercer study ‘Global Gender Pay Equity”, average raw gender pay gap is 12%, while adjusted gender pay gap is 6.9%. Another study from US Pay scale, “Gender Pay Gap 2018” reported raw gender pay gap at 22%, while adjusted or controlled gender pay gap at 2%.

Now the question is: does a gender pay gap exist in Pakistan? This one question has profound implications on all businesses across the globe including Pakistan. Therefore Abacus has tried to dig the answer through survey and research.

In Pakistan, we leverage on significant data collected through the Mercer Total Remuneration Survey 2018, a credible source of local data for the past 15 years, to provide insights with a deep analytical viewing

Read our insight to find out the answer.

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