The Impact of employee engagement on talent retention: A comparison between Executive, Management and Professional employees


Employee engagement has emerged as a potential factor for an organization’s success. Leadership teams focus on employee engagement in order to achieve maximum effort and productivity, and enhance retention of employees.

The dilemma, however, is that although companies do realize the importance and eventual impact of HR, majority of them do not know how employee engagement and staff turnover are connected. Vast amount of money, time and energy is spent by the Human Resource department within an organization to hire the right person for the job and retain the skillful workforce in the rapidly changing and competitive business environment

Engaged employees bring positive energy and commitment to work, and they do deliver extra discretionary effort in their work without thinking about any immediate reward. Contrary to this, employees who often feel discontented towards their respective corporations and ultimately exit, which results in financial and time investment losses to the company. Abacus, as a leading corporate consulting firm, believes that this gap between the importance of employee engagement and its practical implementation needs to be bridged. Abacus aims to do so by advising organizations on specific reasons for employee engagement or disengagement, by gauging the psychological state of employees through robust quantitative and qualitative data modeling of various factors, and ultimately providing action plans to cultivate a positive and engaging work environment that enables both the organization and the employee to grow. Based on Mercer Employee Engagement models, Abacus has conducted over 60 Employee Engagement Surveys (EES) with different organizations across various sectors i.e. Consumer Goods, Telecom, Energy, Insurance, Chemicals/Fertilizers, and Manufacturing & Non-Manufacturing in Pakistan.

Our consultants have analyzed the relationship between employee engagement and talent retention at various levels of organizations by leveraging on our extensive database. To read more, download our Point of View.