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Corporate Finance Consulting
Corporate Finance is an integral part of Corporate Consulting services at AbacusConsulting. These services have been provided by Abacus since its inception in 1987, and over the past two and a half decades have grown to address a wide range of financial advisory needs for operating in today’s increasingly complex and competitive corporate environment.  Corporate Finance, along with Strategic Planning and Advisory services, builds on the mutual synergies existing between the two, and our team of experts work in cohesion to provide a more customer focused solution.

We cover the following transaction types under Corporate Finance:

Mergers & Acquisitions
A well-planned and well-executed merger can enable a company to achieve its corporate goals faster and more efficiently than a purely organic expansion. The law of synergy states: 1+1>2. In other words, the value of an entity after a merger or an acquisition should be greater than the value of the two units operating separately.  That is the basic rule that needs to be abided by for a successful merger strategy.  However, there are several factors that need to be managed in order to mediate the high risk of failure. If you are contemplating such a merger or acquisition or are interested in exploring the option, let AbacusConsulting facilitate you.

Divesting as a strategic means towards profitability and corporate longevity is just as critical as investing in a business – the crucial questions are to know whether and what to disinvest, when to disinvest and how to do it.  Timely divestiture in line with your strategic objectives, can save you millions of wasted dollars and years of futile effort, and provide you with a head-start towards long term profitability.  Tough times need tough decisions.  If you are looking for advice let AbacusConsulting be your partner.

Greenfield Projects and Expansions
You may be exploring investing opportunities in new markets, new products or new geographies, or simply intending capacity expansions to cater to the growing market. But such projects require just as much meticulous study and planning before implementation as acquisition projects. Before implementing any business proposal it is vital to evaluate the economic feasibility of the project and develop multiyear projections based on various possible economic, financial and market scenarios. With more corporate, institutional and even individual investment options becoming possible globally, investment in new projects is likely to increase manifold as the investment environment becomes more stable. If you are considering such an undertaking, AbacusConsulting can assist you.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
In an environment where the risk factors are high and you are shy of exposing your hard earned wealth to uncontrollable dynamics, joint ventures and strategic alliances may provide a safer way to grow your business.  You would still require a thorough evaluation of the project feasibility based on what both counterparties bring to the table and the future funds flow.  If you are thinking of pursuing that line, AbacusConsulting can be of help to you.

Financial Restructuring
Difficult times or flawed decision-making can lead to unpleasant outcomes and damage a company’s financial health. A sick unit loses its ability to grow and flourish or attract investment in the form of debt or equity, and may fall into further decay.  Restructuring of the company’s capital may become a critical procedure in order to bring the company back to health.  If you are looking for advice, no one can give it better than AbacusConsulting.