How Analytics Opens Up the Value of SAP Data

Manufacturing Use Case

Manufacturing involves a large number of steps, components, and subassemblies that can affect quality and timeliness of the finished product. With Tableau, organizations can track every measurable element to ensure speed and consistency.

What’s more, a real-time dashboard automatically refreshes to show the latest data every time it is opened. There is no need to make manual queries of the SAP system.

Investment Banking Use Case

Juggling the parameters in investment banking can be difficult, especially when the data is presented as a table of numbers. Tableau allows those tables to be turned into insights 10 to 100 times faster than manual queries.

In the example below, returns are clearly seen by industry, risk level, company size, and top performing individual shares. Imagine being able to select those lower outliers on a scatter plot, drill down
into the underlying data, and investigate the reasons behind the losses. With that kind of insight, you’d be well-positioned to implement safeguards to prevent future losses.

Transport & Logistics

Every type of transportation organization has its own issues and constraints. An airline has to manage the flow of people and cargo while maintaining customer satisfaction. The example below provides a real time view of flight delays, route profitability, frequent fliers by type, and jet fuel costs compared to other equities. This mix of broad and deep analysis helps identify opportunities and threats, and also highlights trends—all insights that can lead to timely actions.


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