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mRemittance is an end-to-end mobile remittance solution which introduces new revenue streams, adds customers, increases loyalty, increases overall ARPU and reduces operational cost for mobile operators and financial institutions. In emerging markets, mRemittance also opens up new customer segments via a low cost channel.

Key Features
Adapts to all networks, mobile devices, languages and currencies across all mobile channels
mRemittance is a complete mobile cross-border person-to-person payments solution that supports all mobile transactions conducted by a mobile phone, such as money transfers, micro-finances, account balance inquiries, recent transactions and more.

Delivers powerful payment processing and service delivery
mRemittance includes the Mobilizer platform, an operator-grade payment processing and service delivery platform. The Mobilizer platform provides a state-of-the-art Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Introduces a new channel to interact with customers
Mobile marketing allows you to communicate more efficiently and effectively with your customers. You can manage the user experience throughout the entire customer development lifecycle.

International Remittance Services, International Hub Remittance Services
Creates cross-border mobile money transfer services for efficient international mobile money transfer scenarios for both senders and beneficiaries. An open remittance hub connects sending and receiving money channels on a single platform rather than through bilateral agreements.