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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is SAP and What does it stand for ?

A) SAP stands for "Systems, Applications and Products" in data processing. SAP is market leader in application, analytics and mobility solutions. It has around 12000 partners around the globe and over 15 million registered users in 190 countries. In addition to this, SAP also provides packaged solutions to more than 25 different industries and 11 different lines of businesses..

Q) What is relationship between AbacusConsulting and SAP ?

A) AbacusConsulting has strategic alliance with SAP to provide SAP Implementation, Support and Education Services to valuable clients. Our strategic intent is to create value for our clients and to bring competitive advantage to their activities.

Q) I don't have prior experience in SAP. Which SAP course is suitable for my career ?

A) The minimum qualification for SAP training is bachelors or any professional certification, such as ACCA. Select a course that is well aligned with your professional qualification and experience. Let's consider you are a Java Developer, and then getting training in a functional course may not be the right approach for you. There are technical courses available such as ABAP and this can prove to be an enhancement for your career. Adding a new skill that enhances your core competency is the right approach in selecting the course. For further clarifications, you can contact us for our expert guidance by visiting us from Monday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm.

Q) Which training approach is suitable for me??

A) We are currently providing three training options; SAP E-Academy, SAP Instructor Led Training and SAP Customized Training. SAP E-Academy is a flexible 3-5 months course. It is delivered through desktops at our training centers and is suitable for fresh graduates and job holders due to its flexible teaching methodology. We also offer SAP Instructor Led Training and SAP Customized Training. .

Q) Is "e" Academy the best model to take SAP Academy ?

A) SAP e-Academy is a learn centric training approach. Worldwide thousands of students have taken SAP e-Academy. The statistics show that passing percentage has increased due to the e-Academy and is 30% higher than the instructor led SAP Academy model. The reasons for this increase in percentage are as follows: You can learn at your own schedule and pace No dependence on other student’s progress No dependence on the instructors’ knowledge and experience You can review the lessons at your own convenience .

Q) Is the SAP Certificate recognized internationally ?

A) Yes, after passing the SAP Certification Exam, you will be given an official SAP Certificate from SAP which is recognized internationally.

Q)I am working professional and I am very busy on weekdays, but I also want to learn SAP

A) Currently, our training center is open six days week from 9 am to 7 pm. However, timings could be extended as the demand increases.

Q)Could AbacusConsulting help in arranging accommodation for those coming from out of city or from overseas?

A) Yes, we would help you in finding an apartment/hotel near to our training center.