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CitiXsys iVend Retail

iVend Retail is a flexible and robust Retail Management Solution integrated with Mid-Market ERP for retail businesses who need precisely managed store operations and consolidated store information for head office planning and analysis. It is seamlessly integrated into Mid-Market ERP, the powerful Business Management software for small and midsize businesses.

A host of features make iVend Retail a comprehensive solution for both POS and head office. An easy-to-use POS interface improves store efficiency, while reducing employee training time. Fully integrated accounting, audit trails for all transactions and multiple modes of secure data replication make operations safe and efficient.

Using VeriSign integration for secure payments, clients can carry out individual commission calculations, integrated inventory, supply chain functionality, manage store operations, improve key business processes, eliminate Inventory stock outs and surplus, experience the benefits of tracking and managing employee and sales transactions, improve analysis and planning- in one easy to use application.

Maringo Project Management

ProjectManagement is a project planning and accounting solution fully integrated to Mid-Market ERP that has been specifically designed for the needs of small and medium size businesses. It caters for the entire workflow of service industries, from project planning and data recording, data clearance and invoicing to accounting. The use of one single system for data management guarantees that each authorized user has access to up-to-the minute information. Managers using ProjectManagement have access to solid data for better decision making. As ProjectManagement is an integrated solution, only one system has to be maintained and updated, thus lowering the costs for software updates significantly.

ProjectManagement allows for the creation of different planning versions. Planning versions created by the user continue to exist and can be updated and compared depending on the project's status. Different planning methods (e.g. GANTT Planning, Period Planning) allow the user to update the project. The different planning types give project managers a multidimensional view of their projects.

It also assists the user in creating detailed travel expenses, normally a time-consuming process for the accounting department. Travel expenses are recorded in the Web Client or in the standard system by the employees or by specifically authorized users. Costs can either be charged to the customer or can only be accounted for internally by the employee.

M1 is a comprehensive and integrated maintenance system with world-class maintenance practices for preventive and non-scheduled maintenance for all types of fixed and mobile equipment. It is seamlessly integrated to the SAP Business One system with consistent and easy to use navigation. 

M1 is designed for organizations responsible for assets maintenance and reliability, repair, overhaul, technical and support services. These assets can be internally owned or owned by your customers. Full maintenance history and costs are retained. Two stage invoicing provides flexibility preview and edit invoices to ensure accurate billing. 

M1 provides Labor Scheduling and Dispatch functions to optimize the deployment of your technical team. 

M1 supports preventative maintenance, corrective and predictive maintenance, equipment configuration, repair history, spare parts inventory, labor costs, parts procurement, work order generation and warranties. Extensive drill down, queries and reports are provided throughout the system.