Robotic Process Automation

Forrester report - How RPA optimizes customer outcomes

In their quest to understand and reap RPA’s benefits early on, adopting companies may face issues - incompatible use cases, operating models, and post implementation...

cloud technologies

Modern Enterprise Data Architecture (MEDA)

Every enterprise, regardless of industry sector and size, views its data as an essential asset required to compete in the digital economy. Yet the value of these data assets can ...

cloud technologies


The State of APIs in Retail Report compiles information about digital transformation trends and the impact of APIs on retail businesses. This digital commerce benchmark is based on the data from APIs powering ...

cloud technologies

Agile companies and digital transformation: Where iPaaS and APIs come together

Most enterprise leaders have already responded to digital transformation initiatives by adopting best of breed....

cloud technologies

The high cost of disconnected data

In today’s digital age, data is the organization’s lifeblood. Whether onboarding new employees, acquiring new customers, or closing the books every month, data keeps everything running smoothly. It enables organizations to...

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