Why Do You Need It?

Role Clarification & Job Evaluation is a critical exercise for organizations as it helps cascade a company's overall strategic plans into well-defined functional/individual roles and responsibilities aligned with business objectives. It is a essentially a process of determining the relative worth or size of jobs within an organization.

Role Clarification

The Role Clarification exercise provides a “snap shot” of the accepted roles and responsibilities of a position, from the Supervisor as well as the Position Holder’s point of view in the form of a role clarification (RC) document. The exercise focuses on analysing the position and not the person or their performance.

A role clarification document is used to:

Document the primary duties, essential activities and requirements typically performed in each job

Clarify hiring requirements

Ensure clear understanding of individual jobs

Provide a basis for job evaluation, salary surveying, market pricing, and developing equitable pay ranges or salary structure

Why Clarify and Document Roles?

* Role Clarification can be conducted as a stand-alone project. However, in order to conduct Job Evaluation, Role Clarification is highly recommended as per Mercer’s methodology.

Key Differentiating Factors

How do we conduct Job Evaluation process?

Why International Position Evaluation (IPE)?

The Mercer International Position Evaluation System™ (IPE) is a system designed to objectively determine the relative ranking of positions:

An analytical approach based on a point - rating system An advanced system, which is flexible, easy-to-use, understand and explain An integrated system for all levels; across industries and geographies

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