The business environment is constantly evolving. The organization’s work processes are changing owing to emerging trends, digitalization and technological advancements. Organizations across the globe are facing challenges to enhance profitability and market share while operating in an increasingly competitive business environment. The workforce efficiency and operational excellence acts as a catalyst for organizations to maintain competitive edge. Therefore, optimization of manpower and forecasting manpower needs is imperative to meet present and future contingencies.

Why Manpower Optimization ?

Manpower Optimization is the process to estimate the optimum / right number of people required for completing a task / process / activity within specified time.

Step by Step Process

Main components of the Process

Data Collection and Review

  • Review existing JDs
  • Review manpower data

Determine Workload

  • Collaboratively establish acceptable standards and determine workload per position based upon key activities
  • Develop Workload quartiles and determine manpower required
  • Compare required number of staffing level with the existing levels to identify over/under staffing

Analysis of Key Processes and Core Activities

  • Develop and in-depth understanding of operational elements of the organization’s Function/ Department and sub-functions
  • Analyze Department wise work processes and map key processes
  • Select suitable tool i.e. questionnaire etc. based on organizations objectives to determine workload as per key activities. Units/ parameters that can be used for achieving better results may include but not limited to:
    • Average Hours Per Procedure/activity;
    • Percentage of workload performed in the first half
    • Number of annual days of operation
    • Available hours per day
    • Develop mechanism for validation and verification of information
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