From the day an employee is recruited to the time they leave an organization, the remuneration and benefits strategy is one of the most complex, and sometimes, controversial issues of the employment relationship. Benefits are key in attracting, retaining & engaging your employees, when correctly aligned with their need.

The Benefits Survey is geared towards helping HR professionals understand where their respective company stands as opposed to their peer group and to provide a comparative framework in terms of benefits offered. Therefore, to attract and retain key talent, we can help you compare and benchmark your benefits plan against the marketplace and provide advice on setting up plans that are both cost effective and highly valued by employees.

Mercer Benefit Monitor™

MBM allows you to:

  • Compare your benefits data against that of your competitors and the general market
  • Analyse how companies set up their benefits plans for the different employee groups
  • To access latest statutory benefits information with one stop
  • Customize and run reports at your convenience

MBM includes some other great features as well

  • Global benefits legislative updates
    Get monthly updates to legislative and other environmental changes to key employee benefits in more than 40 countries
  • Snapshot survey/quick poll results
    Receive key findings or take part in ad-hoc snapshot surveys and quick poll results in mbm to receive the full report for free
  • Benefits webinars
    Listen to recordings of benefits webinars to keep abreast of trends

Key Differentiating Factors

Each report includes information about the typical benefits for a given market. The following table provides an example of some of the benefits covered in the reports.

What do you receive?


  • High-Level Reports
    • Trends and statutory updates
    • PDF
  • Spotlight Report
    • Provides an overview of key benefits practice trends in the general market
    • Represents all industries
    • Statutory overview
  • Additional Benefits Information
    • Global Benefits Legislative Update Reports - monthly updates to legislative/environmental changes to key benefits
    • Snapshot survey/ Quick Poll results - Take part in adhoc survey/poll to get complimentary reports on latest market trends


  • Detailed Reports
    • Side-by-side comparison of benefits plans
    • PDF and/or Excel
  • Benefits Practice Summary Report (BPR-S)
    • Quick overview of prevalence and median values across the different employee categories of your selected peer group
  • Benefits Prevalence Report (BPR)
    • Side-by-side comparison of your organization’s benefits policies against aggregated statistics of selected peer groups
  • Detailed Benefits Report (DBR)
    • Provides aggregated statistics and exact details of the benefit plans of a custom peer group Side-by-side comparison of benefits provided by different employers
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