As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our way of life, and with strict social distancing measures a need of the hour, working from home has become a big challenge for all organizations and their people. Every company is now focused on implementing business continuity measures, trimming expenses and providing quality services without interruptions. The lockdowns have put forth several challenges for the business community, from Production and Supply Chain Management to managing Data Storage and Compliance, no company, whether big or small is immune to the hindrance that COVID-19 will cause to its daily processes.

During this time of crisis, we at Abacus are happy to extend our cloud based services to help enterprises of all sizes navigate through these challenges. Online networking and combined storage servers are essential elements for any enterprise and we understand how crucial it is for businesses to ensure smooth operations and continuity, while keeping their employees safe. To address this, we have enabled a dedicated team to solve all your storage, data and IT needs. Our team can help you build cloud servers and solutions in a matter of hours, all from the safety of your home. Our Virtual Desktops eradicate the need of server rooms, data centers and even the involvement of large IT teams.

To help you manage your services in times of emergency, our cloud hosting services can succor a great deal. If you are an online business platform, cloud can host your infrastructure while ensuring data security and reliability. If you are an Educational Institute, you can deploy your digital learning system on cloud without establishing a data center or buying any hardware. If you are an individual working from home, Virtual Desktop allows you access to all necessary business applications. We remain as committed as ever to supporting our people, clients and partners in navigating the COVID-19 challenge and are here to help.

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