Our Flagship product, Mercer’s Total Remuneration Survey (TRS), is an “All Industry” syndicate survey conducted annually in 140+ countries across the globe. In Pakistan, service is offered through our strategic alliance of Abacus with Mercer on an exclusive bass. Wherever you have operations, you need reliable, up-to-date information on market pay rates and benefits prevalence to ensure that your reward packages remain cost-effective and competitive in the marketplace. Through TRS, we provide you with comprehensive, consistent, accurate, high-quality data covering the full reward package compensation and benefits across the country.

TRS - All Industry Survey

Companies share data and get access to Mercer's data mining tool i.e. WIN (Workforce Intelligence Network) , to analyze their companies standing compared with All Industries data for all positions and level/grade.

TRS is the market leading solution that utilizes the most advanced and flexible data analysis tools that include:

Mercer WIN:
A web-based interactive application data-mining tool, allowing you access the most up to date and unlimited queries of compensation and benefits information. It has options to customize searches and statistics according to your individual needs, giving you instant comparison of your data against the market.

Mercer’s International Position Evaluation System (IPE):
We employ a systematic approach of conducting Job Evaluations through Mercer's International Position Evaluation (IPE) tool, and linking the resulting grading structure with external benchmarks obtained through the Total Remuneration Survey (TRS). Role evaluation is conducted through an analytical approach based on a point-rating system resulting in a comprehensive and exhaustive understanding of each job in the organization.

Key Differentiating Factors

Positions and functions surveyed

Mercer TRS covers close to 8,000 cross-industry jobs, from executives to para-professional levels, in the following job families:

Administration Facilities & Secretarial Hospitality (Food Service & Lodging)
Communications & Corporate AffairsHuman Resources
Construction IT, Telecom & Internet
Creative & Design Legal, Compliance & Audit
Customer Service & Contact Center Operations Project/Program Management
Data Analytics/Warehousing & Business Intelligence Production & Skilled Trades
Engineering & Science Quality Management
Finance Real Estate Management, Property Development & Investment
General Management
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