Abacus Middle East

Abacus Middle East has become one of the frontrunners in UAE and KSA as a reliable professional services firm. With the desire to revolutionize the business arena, we have coined our name across three continents and have established ourselves in more than 22 countries worldwide. The goal is to be the transformation partners of choice for our cherished clients, providing them with the most sophisticated consultancy services and proficient technology.
Our key strengths have always been providing comprehensive and efficacious strategies for every business venture. We provide state-of-the-art technology implementations that can catapult our clients into exciting new vistas, all the while ensuring a risk-free business establishment with precedential high performance delivery. We at Abacus aspire to make our clients confident competitors in the global market by helping them materialize their dreams.

Global Footprint

Currently, we have a global strength of about 500+ SAP implementations, 2100 professionals, including 400+ subject area specialist consultants active in multiple fields. The company was established in 1987 and today it is one of the largest firms of its kind in the region. Our rapid growth and successful business model has earned Abacus a place on the Fast Growth Arabia & Turkey-500 by the prestigious AllWorld Network (Ranked 29 in 2012).

Services & Solutions

Abacus Infinity (SAP Business One on Cloud)

Abacus Infinity is a completely managed cloud infrastructure, running SAP Business One on SQL or HANA. The datacenters are ISO 27001 certified which work under Tier-3 security standards and with first class internet hubs, to guarantee the fastest access to SAP Business One in your area. The Abacus Infinity network can be accessed via a browser on any device connected to the internet. This can be provided either for named SAP Business One users, or for specified devices.
Abacus Infinity also provides you the opportunity to run your developments on your own dedicated HANA environment and besides the 3 standard development users, you can have 5 more extra users.

Features included in Abacus Infinity:

  • - System updates are available for operating systems.
  • - Provides security which includes firewall, anti-malware protection and user authentication.
  • - Tier-3 and also ISO 27001 certified data center.
  • - With Infinity mobile, you can use applications on your smartphone in order to access data fast and without any complications.
  • - In case you need more file server storage, you can additional storage per 100 GB for your company.

Pure Cloud: New customers can buy (on premise) SAP Business One licenses and run them on Abacus Infinity.

Hybrid Cloud: New customers can “rent” SAP Business One Cloud licenses and run them on Abacus Infinity.

Swap to Cloud: Existing customers switch to Abacus Infinity with their on premise licenses.

Mid Market (SAP Solutions for SME’s)

Abacus Mid Market is one of the fastest growing business areas at Abacus Consulting. Our Mid Market solutions are innovation driven and aim to simplify business processes across various industry verticals. Abacus Consulting, a pioneer in offering cutting-edge business solutions and having in-depth knowledge of ERPs (ranging from planning to complete implementation) offers SAP Business One Implementation Services. Our experienced business and IT consultants have extensive understanding in the areas of manufacturing, costing, finance, supply chain, sales and CRM. With this knowledge and expertise, they effectively implement SAP One for you and help you make the most of it by using it to its maximum potential. SAP Implementation Methodology is a proven approach to successfully implementing Mid-Market ERP solution in complex business systems. Abacus Consulting’s specialists feel no hesitation in imparting the knowledge and experience needed to deploy a set of comprehensive project processes that drive completion of milestones, deliverables, and results. Our proprietary implementation tools guide the each step of the project from planning through execution and transition.

Abacus/SAP Mid Market Solutions help in:

  • - Streamlining the business process
  • - Providing single solution for managing all business functions
  • - Accessing instant and complete business information
  • - Providing an ERP Solution which can be extended to manage upcoming business requirements

Abacus Expertise:

  • - Largest pool of Experienced and Certified Consultants
  • - Experience of Implementing SAP Solutions at 450+ customers in 22 Industry Sectors
  • - Strong experience in customization and Add-Ons Development
  • - Dedicated Support Desk Team facilitating 450+ Customers
  • - Native Arabic and English speaking team


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SAP Business One Features

   Financials     |    Reporting     |    Purchasing     |    Production     |    Sales     |    Inventory     |    CRM     |    Analytics     |        |

SAP Business One

The term “SAP” is often considered being expensive, complex & specific to large enterprises. SAP Business One however, is here to break stereotypes once and for all. It is designed for small to mid-size businesses that are looking for a paperless & integrated work environment. SAP Business One solution is an ERP system which is highly affordable, easy to use & provides increased productivity by obtaining business data at a single centralized location enabling generation of up-to-the minute dashboards, reporting & analytics. It also enables organizations to get instant real-time insights and access to business information for faster, better and accurate decision-making.

SAP Business One Mobility

SAP understands the growing need of connectivity and allows users to gain immediate access to critical business information such as alerts, approvals, real-time reports, dashboards, inventory check, sales analysis etc, anytime, anywhere via SAP Business One mobility for iPhone and iPad.

SAP Cloud Computing

If you’re one of those companies who are looking for a complete centralized & streamlined business management system, but getting reluctant due to excessive requirement of maintaining and investing in on-premise infrastructure, then SAP Cloud should be the answer to your problems. SAP Cloud has eliminated the need of costly hardware by enabling users to gain complete access to business information, applications & services over the internet. Companies can now enjoy enterprise solutions with reduced development time & lower IT costs.

Why Cloud Computing?

  • - On-premise systems are usually responsibilities of client but in case of cloud computing, both hardware & software operations & maintenance is provider’s responsibility
  • - Faster implementation
  • - It allows users to gain access anytime & anywhere

SAP Cloud Computing is divided into 3 categories

  •  1 - SAAS – Software as a services
  • 2 - PAAS – Platform as a services
  • 3 - IAAS – Infrastructure as a service

The cloud based SAP solutions are

Why Abacus Consulting?

Since 2010, Abacus Consulting is SAP Gold Partner and have done 400+ SAP Business One implementations in the MENA region. Our qualified consultants, in-depth industry knowledge, business methodologies and world class delivery capability has helped us become one of the leading SAP Partners in the region.

SAP Business ByDesign

Only Available on Cloud

Are you still practicing personalized spreadsheets in your organization? Do you still collect data manually? Has your business information started to pile up due to lack of centralization? Are you afraid of spending huge amount of budget in modifying & fixing IT department? Are you afraid of buying whole bunch of different applications & go through hassle of integration? If yes, then there’s no longer a need of purchasing whole bunch of hardware. SAP has enabled its customers with cloud based ERP system i.e. SAP Business ByDesign. This solution is available on subscription cloud based model. AP Business ByDesign has the capability to optimize all core functions of an organization such as Supply chain, purchasing, financial management, project management, marketing, sales, HR, business analytics, etc. The solution provides real-time business information & complete solution to all problems without having to build whole IT department. SAP Business ByDesign was originally launched in 2007 and is successfully running on SAP in-memory data platform since 2014.

Enterprise Market (SAP Solutions for Large Enterprise)

Abacus Consulting Enterprise Market Practice is facilitating its customer from expert guidance to complete execution, by combining the expertise, tools and methodologies to accelerate implementations, transfer knowledge and continuously improve your business.

Core offerings:

Abacus Consulting has been engaged in providing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SAP implementation services for large enterprises around the region. Having forged strong alliances with leading providers of enterprise-wide applications, our strong in-house capabilities and alliance with SAP enables us to leverage on a vast pool of SAP knowledge, tools and resource base. We maintain state of the art SAP training and support infrastructure in our offices. Our current SAP implementation services offering include

  • - ERP Fit Analysis & IT Strategy
  • - Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • - SAP enabled Process Re-engineering & Change Management
  • - SAP Implementation, Development, Technical & Training Services
  • - Post Implementation Services / Maintenance Support


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SAP S/4 HANA is the next-generation ERP supporting digital businesses while running on in-memory HANA platform & modern UX with SAP Fiori for higher productivity. It is an evolutionary platform simplifying business operations and providing live information and insights to users.
SAP S/4 HANA has the capability to prepare companies for a digital future & promote rapid business growth. It has allowed businesses to gain access to both transactional & analytical data at a single point thus, offering increased transparency, productivity and user satisfaction.
SAP S/4 HANA is built on in-memory data platform to simplify your IT environment by processing large amount of data faster on real-time. It is built to run on a single database enabling users to manage both transactional and analytical tasks. It can be deployed based on client’s business needs, budget & resources. It can be on-site, cloud-based or a hybrid model supporting verity of other deployment scenarios.

SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Intelligence allows users to convert raw data into game changing decisions enabling them to gain access to rightly formatted data, eliminate guesswork & gain critical business insights. SAP BI can be deployed on premise or on-cloud based on the needs & resources of clients. SAP BI is an enterprise suite consisting of several solutions working together seamlessly. The solution has a capability to gather data from various sources such as SAP & non-SAP system, various databases or unstructured data, and ultimately transform into reports & dashboards for business decisions & forecasting. SAP understands the growing trend of connectivity in the form of mobile devices hence, allowing users to gain access to real time BI data & review business reports on-the-go via mobile devices along with web browsers & export to other applications such as Microsoft excel & SAP Stream work.