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At Abacus, we believe in individual evolution of each of our resources so we can experience collective transformation. Learning and opportunity reflect our outlook of the world and we look for the same attributes in potential candidates. Explore our opportunities to find a careers stream that is in line with your aptitude.

AbacusConsulting always stands out as an institute, for nurturing and developing talent.  With its enriched past and continuous focus on growth, Abacus provides the most gratifying experience through diverse global exposure. If you are driven, passionate, and have an urge to excel Abacus is the place to be as working here enables you to shine in any dynamic and agile environment.

Uzair Tariq LUMS 10’

Motivation is derived from my passion to make a difference, create an impact and Abacus shares this passion by focusing the culture and work around excellence in everything we do.

Zohair Ashfaq University Of Surrey 13’

The things that brought me to Abacus in the first place - Abacus business philosophy: a renewing company, the business ethics Abacus enunciates and practices, the importance Abacus places in its employees. Abacus Human Capital Solutions has stayed true to its core values.

Hasnain Javaid LBangor University 15’

There is an intangible quality called a ‘fit’ and Abacus not only manifests a corporate persona but also develops esprit de corps through integrity, while staying true to its core values. It inculcates a rare energy from the top down that is contagious and enunciates synergy that crosses the company laterally.” It just feels right. Abacus feels right!

Momin Khushnood Lahore School of Economics 12’ 

Our life comes to a halt when learning stops, Abacus never lets that happen to its employees. Team work, openness and feeling of accomplishments enable us to drive for bigger goals.

Mudassar Waraich University of Windsor 04’

I have always believed that an organization should focus towards employee development the same way it strives towards its own growth. Here at Abacus the company values reflect this ideology. I have a great management team and fantastic co-workers. I am proud to be a part of the Abacus family.

Ahmed Gillani University of Bedfordshire 13’

Abacus is a place where your dedication for work and the perseverance towards achieving great results never go unnoticed. Ever since I joined Abacus in 2014 my learning curve went soaring high and my efforts have been recognized and rewarded. Abacus will always be the alma mater where I nurtured my professional skills and I am forever grateful for it!

Anam Alvi University of Central Punjab 12’

Success is not an accident; it comes with a clear headed dedication and a penchant for perfection. Ever since the day I walked through these glass doors, I was presented with an environment to foster that drive for excellence.  Abacus is all about impact, it’s all about influence and it’s all about inspiration!

Zuhair Butt York University 14’

Success is not the key to happiness; Happiness is the key to success. I still remember the day I was selected, the decision was confusing whether to go for it or not but today I am more than just happy to be a part of Abacus Consulting because the environment is so inspiring and challenging that it motivates me to deploy my creativity, intuition and skills. I am proud to work for an organization that ensures your transformation.

Mohammad Arslan Khan NUST 17’

Working for Abacus has been an experience of life time; it has given me lots of new skills and direction. It has increased my confidence in an easy going relaxed but yet professional environment, while been given all the training and skills needed for the job. Coming to work every day has been easy and enjoyable because it's not like coming to work it’s like coming to see your extended family.

Saqib Niazi Nottingham Trent University 11’

As a working professional, fulfillment comes through different little ways for everyone. For many, it stems from the quality of work they churn out that keeps them going. For some, its the level of support they receive from the people they work with. And yes, for everyone, a good work-life balance is absolutely mandatory! Abacus has given me all three.

Hannan Azhar University of Nottingham 10’

It has been an amazing experience since I joined Abacus. The position and department in which I was placed was exactly what I was aiming for in terms of culture and learning experience. Everyone I have interacted within the organization has been extremely professional, communicative, responsive and friendly.

Awais Masood Lahore School of Economics 11’

Being part of a consultancy firm that focuses on transforming organizations locally and internationally has offered me a platform to establish and cultivate my career. I have been exposed to almost every service area within the Human Capital Solutions business vertical and have had the opportunity to focus my career as a result. Our partnership with Mercer Consulting allows us to offer unparalleled professional services and develop a broader understanding of human resource and consultancy.

Kamran Toor Lahore School of Economics 14’

Excellence in learning and personal development, are two cornerstones for a career in management consulting. From my formative years through to university and now professional life, I have always been motivated by some ingrained competitiveness to greater learning, real world problem solving as well as a desire to offer cutting edge transformation solutions. My eight years at Abacus have helped me leverage my strengths, and have allowed me fantastic opportunity to learn from the very best.

Hashim Riaz Imperial College London 09’

Development consulting is an amazing business which provides us with an opportunity to help nations achieve good governance for sustainable human development. As a natural ingredient to the success of a practitioner, I found my passion meets with workplace excellence at Abacus.

Syed Suqlain Hader IIUI - MBA Class of 1999’

Join Us

  • Students & Graduates

    We are driven to provide the ideal conditions for young talent to nurture them into experienced professionals. For us, maintaining the right balance between directional-leadership and autonomy is integral to the personal development of fresh graduates coming onboard with us.

  • Professionals

    Here at Abacus we take pride in matching the ambitions of the best talent in the industry. If you are looking for an organization that offers an engaging work environment coupled with sustainable business growth, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why work with us

A History of Transformation

30 years since its inception, Abacus has consistently believed that transformation in individuals lead to transformation in organizations. We aim to enable our people to be able to evolve into institutions.


In it's essence the Abacus Culture is what is at the heart of this organization, it is how we do things. The culmination of our 6  corporate values which serve as  the glue that keeps us all together. However, Abacus is aware of the compelling need to strike a balance between promoting our culture, while still having room for evolution.

Before you Apply

University Presence

A future oriented organization, we believe in the future of our human resource. We aim to recruit talent from the top tiered universities from across the globe. We put ourselves forth to the leaders of tomorrow, through  recruitment drives, job fairs and lecture series. We look forward to discussing your needs and creating a strong campus at your university. 

What our interns have to say

I interned at Abacus Consulting a year ago, and i can safely say the experience was unparalleled. I worked in Corporate HR and had the opportunity of working with some of the friendliest team members. I was briefed meticulously on the working of the company as well as the department i was in, i was given clear instructions everyday regarding my tasks and i was told that ample help was available, all i had to do was ask. My overall experience was an exceptional one since Abacus focuses on being professional and above all, aims to foster the right values in all it's employees.

- Amna Abrar - LUMS

As a future industry professional working towards a career in Strategy Consulting, AbacusConsulting served as the perfect launching pad for me. My time at Abacus allowed me dive deeper into the world of management consulting by examining intersections between technology, human capital and brand building, all while being part of an extremely helpful work setup. As part of the Corporate Human Resources team, I worked on an internal project that required me to establish and maintain communication with employees from various departments and I found all of them to be warm and facilitating. I benefitted greatly from a culture of learning at the organization that allowed me to develop and hone in-demand skills. My Abacus experience was truly an invaluable one and it succeeded in inspiring me to view consulting as my ideal career option.  

- Mohammamd Mustafa Moeen - NewYork University

I have always believed in the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” Abacus’s mission statement reflects this saying, as only a solution that works for our client is one worth recommending. I’m convinced that Abacus has been excellent fit for my career goals and aspirations and it has allowed me to gain experience across different industries and capabilities while learning to create effective and feasible solutions for the clients.

- Mohammad Awais Chaudhry - University of Illinois

My work at Abacus so far, has polished my research abilities and enabled me to approach daunting questions that consultants face, with more confidence and a keen eye for numbers.

- Hamza Naseem Iqbal - Columbia University


What's the best way to contact a recruiter at Abacus?
The best way to contact a recruiter is through official website abacus-global.com where new positions at all levels are updated frequently.
How do I know if you have received my application?
You will receive a confirmation email on your given email address for positions applied through our official website.
What will the Recruitment Process involve?
Our recruitment process involves resume screening, psychometric assessment and organizational fit & technical interview.
If am not hired for a specific job, Will I be considered for other jobs at Abacus in the future?
We are a project based organization and we frequently come across project hirings. If you are not shortlisted for a certain position, there may be a possibility of you being reconsidered for another project hiring, however, having the right attitude with the relevant skill set is a must.
What's the culture like at Abacus? 
Abacus has a dynamic culture which will have an immediate impact on you; demanding an accelerated performance and expecting a lasting change.
How can you identify fake job advertisements?
The email address should have an official company domain (abacus-global.com)
I’ve lost my username or my password, how do I get a new one?
You can request for a username and password through forgot username and password option while signing in. Your username is your email address.