Introduction to Customer Experience Management

Antlere is revolutionizing the customer experience management industry. Through Antlere, we offer the service of survey deployment and feedback analysis system that uses AI technology to help our clients make smarter decisions for their business. With our background in customer experience management and software development, we are built on our legacy of helping other businesses realize their full potential through survey creation and survey deployment. Antlere effortlessly extracts the nitty-gritty from the candid feedback and helps you resolve the issue before others even notice it. With its roots embedded in customer experience management, Antlere not only enables its clientele to Deploy Surveys, Analyze Results and Grow their business, but it takes the business process one step further to allow clients to fully enrich their customer’s experience through various ad-on modules and enhancements.

What we do

Antlere is a unique survey deployment and feedback analysis system that uses AI technology that enables clients to make smarter decisions for their business. Antlere is fundamentally, a go-to solution to identify the gap between "service promised" and "service delivered". On top of being an excellent multi-channel survey deployment system, what sets Antlere apart is the fact that it goes beyond simple survey taking to Engage, Reward and Retain customers within the same platform. Antlere’s real strength lies in its post-survey analysis and modules for complete customer experience management.

Why choose us

In addition to running feedback analysis through Antlere, we are also engaged in multiple channel survey collection through our dedicated agents to collect feedback for our clients. Our survey collection model is predicated on integrating various customer touch points into our operational framework to gather feedback from a number of diverse respondents.

Harboring Greatness

  • We create the conditions for you to provide great customer experience across the board to help create loyal brand advocates.
  • Our service model of strengthening brand loyalty leads to higher spend.
  • Brand advocates will consistently spend more return to the business more often.

Delivering Value

  • We help in differentiating our clients so that their customers understand why they are unique and different from competitors.
  • We ensure that you get the precise opinions of your customers.
  • With the help of our AI interface, Antlere , we can identify customer sentiments behind those opinions, categorizing them into Positives and Negatives.


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