Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning

The year is 2017 and the global business world is changing at a tumultuous speed; with businesses cropping up left, right and center, the one heading the race of the most sophisticated entrepreneurial venture is king. However, the global economy no longer rests on the broad shoulders of a handful of conglomerates anymore, everyone from the neighborhood carwash to the 20-story law firm completes the business sphere, and they all have one common need; a well-structured game plan for business optimization.

Businesses around the world thrive on a carefully regimented software network that enables them to function panoramically across their respective organizational venues; all the more reason for every business owner to invest in ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to effectively manage and optimize operating systems within a company, relying on a series of networking systems to ensure break-free processing of information with an industry focused approach.

What we do

ERP offers a range of software implementations that can help the day-to-day management of your business, maintaining all operational branches from procurement, accounting, product management and manufacturing to delivery. The focal point of investing in an ERP solution system resides in the fact that it lends organizational strength to your business structure. Be it a big or small enterprise, to innovate and process it’s ideals with maximum efficiency; all the while mitigating risk of disrupting information flow is the key to its perseverance in the global market, and ERP solutions are your gateway to that. The wide array of technical solutions can help you navigate through the extensive pool of data you have to compartmentalize it, and deliver a system that can handle large amounts of data without being another monumental weight on the company’s back.

Why choose us

Quality assurance and efficacy are the gems of any enterprise, and it is nearly impossible to maintain a business without dedicated and knowledgeable people backing it up; how one firm will manage to revolutionize your business, you might ask, well Abacus is just the right place for that, with its more than realistic and dependable motto; your transformation partner. We have the unique edge of over 500 ERP implementations carried out nationally and globally, providing transformation solutions across multiple industries and sectors, worldwide. Almost every major enterprise has joined hands with experienced ERP experts to implement SAP software services to optimize its business. Abacus has contributed to business transformation since it joined hands with SAP in 2004, providing single solutions for multiple function managements to give the best services to our clients.

  • Creating a roadmap for long term business execution.
  • Organizing and maintaining employee data records.
  • Managing and documenting monetary transactions.
  • Monitoring the task chain and compartmentalizing it accordingly.
  • Mapping supply/demand chain and the timely distribution of goods.
  • Dealing with in house finances for a simplified identification of resource allocation.


ABACUS GLOBAL delivers a thought leadership platform through which we continuously add research based content to add to the existing body of knowledge in the industry.