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Introduction to Human Resource Outsourcing

With modern business expanding its horizons above and beyond, there is minimal focus on the logistics that govern Human Resource Management; the services that don’t essentially contribute to the productivity of an enterprise and are commonly outsourced to HRO firms to maintain the focal point of the company on innovation rather than administration. The goal is to enhance the way businesses function, redirecting the business strategies towards implication of ideas rather than functions.
In making the business arena more conducive to creativity, HRO helps you shed the load you carry in maintaining payrolls, organizing client details and leasing logistics. It allows the leading minds of the enterprise to invest their energy into devising competency solutions while the management hassle is relayed to an outside source that can take care of the operational aspects of it effectively. An increasing number of enterprises are investing in HRO services due to its wide spread availability, cost effectiveness and efficiency, that is a direct result of freeing creative minds from the daily hassle of dealing with paperwork and contracts while focusing their faculties towards improving entrepreneurial productivity.

What we do

Abacus has been a proud dispenser of one of the most qualified outsourcing talent to assist your business management and make your life easier. Our HRO facilities cover a plethora of services that are handled by qualified professionals to readily manage your resource functions and spare you the hassle of finishing off a daily regimen of paperwork. We provide access to cost effective benefits that are long standing and more fruitful than having a whole team limiting its potential to merely overseeing payrolls and employee profiles. Abacus’s technological prowess enables it to leverage advanced technical skills to help you maintain end-to-end stability and functionality in your human resource operations without taking on the actual toll of management.

Executive Leasing Services

Every budding enterprise can do with an additional helping hand, and Executive Leasing Services (ELS) are designed to lend that hand to minimize HR operations complexities to businesses so they focus on thriving in their set goals without worrying about the logistics of HR management.

Payroll Management Services

Payroll Management overlooks the employee benefit logistics, maintenance of their activity and generation of bonuses and increments accordingly; these operations require a broad and proficient system that can process large data which is why they are frequently outsourced due to cost effective and highly convenient credentials of HRO services.

Talent Acquisition

There is a growing inclination towards outsourcing HR functions to third party sources as they are qualitative and easily employable. Talent management and acquisition is most often outsourced to third party firms to invest extensive time that clients lack, into scouring the job market for best suited employees for each enterprise.

Why Choose Us

Abacus invests in technology and networking to promote training institutes for sourcing; devising improved solutions for cost effective job placement strategies and concentrating on developing a more predictive succession planning system. Over the years, Abacus has become a precedential outsourcing firm; mainly because we do not shy away from employing new ways to transform your business and we value human potential above everything else. Our focus extends to enabling our clients to establish a more coherent career roadmap by mobilizing the freshest talent in the market and leveraging their skills for economical sustainability, operational longevity, but most importantly; excellence.


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