Introduction to Utilities Transformation

All around the world, the rules of business revolve around the consumer and change to their will and whims. One of the most prominent sectors that cater the largest chunk of the consumer population is the Utilities division that spearheads multiple public sectors under its banner; it is also host to the steadiest investments countrywide. Now steering to Pakistan, the picture has become rather bleak in recent years when looking at Utilities management and maintenance.

What We Do

This particular economic division has witnessed avid decline in development due to the increasing demand and supply discrepancies and incompetent personnel managing the main resource faucets. So it only makes sense that there should be sources present that have the required competencies to combat this problem and fill the growing cracks to re-establish and retain a stalwart system of complimenting demand supply chain and rightful allocation of revenue to develop the abundant resources that Pakistan has to offer.
With that insight, Abacus has garnered its most competent team of consultants and its long term affiliation with SAP to create SISU – SAP Industry Solution to Utilities; comprehensive and revolutionary software that has pockets of expertise to offer, to remedy every problem that affects the development of different Utilities.

Our Services

We are industry leaders in providing business solutions to a diverse portfolio of enterprises, offering unmatched capabilities and a capacity to build customizable, strategic, and insight-driven solutions that maximize efficiency and results. Our deep expertise is built on the foundation of running thousands of processes for catalogue of companies.

Why Choose Us

Abacus has advocated the use of technology and digitization in all its endeavors; relaying its extensive technological prowess to provide simplistic, comprehensive yet invasive digital solutions in an industry like Utilities. Our belief is shared by our clients in South East Asia and MENA, that digitization is the key to proliferation in the Utilities sector; implications of SAP IS-U can be tremendous if deployed by reliable sources and Abacus aims to provide that to all its clients in hopes that the national Utilities sector can join the global environment of transparent, efficacious businesses.


ABACUS GLOBAL delivers a thought leadership platform through which we continuously add research based content to add to the existing body of knowledge in the industry.

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