SAP Business One Training

For over 25 years AbacusConsulting is offering cutting edge Business solutions helping organizations, transforming their vision into realities through a combination of latest business methodologies and technological tools.
SAP is world's leading provider of business software. Today, customers in more than 120 countries run SAP applications. More than 30,000 small businesses and midsize businesses around the world are using SAP Business One.

Abacus Employee Promotion (2012 - 2013)

Abacus Annual Staff Evaluation Process (2012-2013) has been successfully completed. All employees were measured against defined and agreed performance criteria involving the three key areas of adding value to Clients, People and Firm in accordance with our Corporate HR Policy. This year 38 staff members from different Practice Areas have been promoted, based on their significant contribution towards the achievement of organizational goals. All the Promotees have lived up to our corporate values and demonstrated the capacity to channelize their respective talent and energies. We congratulate our people and wish them all the best to perform in new challenging roles with a winning spirit to achieve greater heights in times to come.

Enterprise Applications: The New Job Market

With college degree enrollments of 352,303 and university enrollments of 741,092, according to Bureau of Statistics survey, it’s heartening to see how the hope of education fails when one finishes graduation and starts looking for a “good job” in vain. With little knowledge of what employers require in terms of skill and education most of parents send their children to colleges and universities hoping that they will become source of income to the family and will be able to keep the family together financially in coming years.

Branchless Banking—hope or hype?

Shoaib Khan – AVP Enterprise Mobile Solutions (AbacusConsulting) With the advancement in the fields of finance, education, technology, and medicine, developing nations feel a growing need to come at par with the world. The global economy today is highly interdependent, whereby the economic conditions of one region, by and large, affect the economic health of other regions—creating a ripple effect.