Abacus offers comprehensive Strategic Business Consulting services designed to empower organizations and drive their success in today's dynamic and competitive landscape. With a deep understanding of business dynamics and a wealth of experience across various industries, Abacus serves as a trusted partner in guiding businesses towards achieving their strategic objectives.

Through strategic business consulting, Abacus provides valuable insights, innovative strategies, and practical solutions tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client. By leveraging their expertise in areas such as market analysis, competitive positioning, growth strategies, organizational design, and performance optimization, Abacus helps businesses make informed decisions and unlock their full potential.

Services We Provide


Strategic Business Plan

A roadmap for an organization’s performance going forward.

Typically covers market analysis and need, corporate diagnostics, recommendations on corporate, operations and organizational strategy, SWOT analysis, risk mitigation matrix and detailed financial estimates, projections and analytics.


Business Diagnostics

High-level diagnostic exercise of the entire organization to assess the health and condition of the primary links in its value chain.




Strategic Visioning & Business Model Design 



Assessment and alignment of the organization’s vision with its corporate strategy and business operations, keeping in view external market dynamics and internal competencies. Deliverables include a document covering the updated design and structure of the company’s Business Model which is in line with its vision and strategic objectives and owned by the management.


demand studies abacus

Demand Studies

Deliverables include a document covering the estimated and forecasted demand using various techniques and methodologies along with rationale.



Growth Strategy

Direction setting for growth for mature entities to help unleash the untapped potential of an entity through market penetration, market and product development and/or diversification.
Deliverables include strategic diagnostics focused on relevant corporate areas, recommendations on strategic issues and development of a growth strategy.



Strategic Price Setting


A customized pricing framework to facilitate price setting for a product/product mix, guided by costing as well as strategic market objectives, competition, demand and consumer perception.



Strategic Sourcing

A formal, collaborative approach allows an organization to find the best value for money by selecting suppliers suited to creating the most value in the customer-supplier interface.
Deliverables include procurement category profiling, spend analysis, need analysis, sourcing strategy, potential supplier portfolio policy framework and guidelines to select and manage suppliers.



Strategic Cost Reduction

A strategy-driven, top-down framework for reducing costs, optimizing assets and increasing efficiency across the value chain.



Third-Party Assessment


Independent, detailed and focused evaluation of a plan, program or policy to assess its strengths and weaknesses and implementation process.


Choose Abacus: Your Partner for Strategic Business Consulting Excellence

Abacus stands out as a premier choice for strategic business consulting due to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results. Our team of experienced consultants brings a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge, allowing us to offer tailored solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities of each client. We take a comprehensive approach, conducting thorough market analysis, strategic diagnostics, and in-depth research to develop insightful recommendations. Our emphasis on collaboration ensures that we work closely with our clients, actively listening to their needs and aligning our strategies with their goals. Furthermore, our track record of success and client satisfaction speaks for itself, as we have consistently helped organizations achieve sustainable growth, optimize performance, and navigate complexities in today's dynamic business landscape. With Abacus as your strategic business consulting partner, you can expect a dedicated and results-oriented approach that drives tangible and long-lasting business success.