As a transformation partner of choice for businesses operating in a rapidly changing environment, Sustainability is fast taking centre stage in the work we do at ABACUS. As a thought leader, we have taken several steps to improve resilience and promote sustainability for our people, our clients, our partners and the society at large. Noteworthy improvements in our governance structure have been implemented, going beyond the mandatory requirements of SECP’s code of corporate governance; and systems and controls placed to ensure zero tolerance for harassment and corrupt practices of any kind. Anticorruption policies at ABACUS encompass not just our people but also bar any business with unethical vendors and suppliers. We are committed to continuously improving practices, processes and policies governing human rights and ensuring a safe and work-friendly environment for all our valued staff members making us the trendsetter in our industry in Pakistan.

While being a professional services firm with a smaller carbon footprint to begin with, we are making concerted efforts to measure and further reduce and neutralize our GHG emissions (especially Scope 1 and 2), aiming to improve the ecological balance through environmentally responsible business practices. It is worth mentioning here that our technology services help our clients reduce their environmental impact through the digitalization of their services and systems, which is a neutralizing measure for our own carbon footprint.

As a dynamic organisation, we are always developing further internal capacity to help our clients, partners and people embrace sustainable practices, and ultimately increase business competitiveness. Abacus Sustainability Quotient (ASQ) has the capability and capacity to offer a range of sustainability-centric services covering Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of economic and corporate sustainability.

Our intent is thus to bring about a genuine change in corporate attitudes, especially in Pakistan, towards embracing sustainability in business and contributing to national efforts aimed at achieving the UN SDGs and associated commitments.

ABACUS is a signatory to the UN Global Compact (UNGC) and the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (UN WEP). We enjoy an industry-leading female employment ratio of 36 females to 64 males and have women in senior managerial positions - including the CEO. We remain committed to promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in business, and have received multiple accolades in this area such as the Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB) Awards.

This year has been declared the ‘Year of Accelerated Growth’ at ABACUS where our focus is on the attainment of international growth, responsibly. We are working towards achieving higher sales, greater profitability, more engaged people and a healthier planet. Our core values of accountability, openness, learning, and being team players, bold and courteous shall always remain at the heart of our efforts towards attaining accelerated, sustainable growth.

Fatima Asad-Said

Chief Executive Officer