The utility sector in Pakistan has encountered significant challenges in recent years, marked by a decline in development, increasing demand-supply discrepancies, and inefficiencies in resource management. To address these pressing issues and establish a robust system that ensures a seamless demand-supply chain and optimal revenue allocation, it is crucial to leverage competent sources that possess the necessary expertise and capabilities.

Recognizing the need for transformative solutions, Abacus has assembled a team of highly skilled consultants and forged a long-term partnership with SAP, a global leader in enterprise software solutions. Together, they have developed SISU (SAP Industry Solution for Utilities), an innovative and comprehensive software solution designed to tackle the multifaceted problems that hinder the progress of different utilities.

SISU represents a groundbreaking leap forward in utility management, offering a range of expertise to address key industry challenges. From demand forecasting and resource optimization to revenue management and regulatory compliance, SISU provides the tools and capabilities necessary to transform the utility sector in Pakistan.

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Abacus is at the forefront of advocating technology and digitization, harnessing its extensive technological prowess to deliver streamlined and all-encompassing digital solutions in the utility industry. Recognizing the immense potential of digitization, we share a steadfast belief with our clients in South East Asia and MENA that embracing technology is the key to unlocking proliferation in the utility sector.

By leveraging the transformative power of SAP IS-U (Industry Solution for Utilities), Abacus aims to revolutionize the national utility sector and propel it into the global arena of transparent and efficient businesses. We firmly believe that deploying SAP IS-U through a trusted and reliable partner can have tremendous implications, paving the way for a future where the utility sector thrives on simplicity, transparency, and operational excellence.

Our mission is clear: to provide our clients with cutting-edge digital solutions that enable them to embrace digitization, streamline their operations, and navigate the complexities of the utility landscape with ease. With our expertise and unwavering commitment, we strive to empower utility providers to join the global community of forward-thinking and technologically advanced enterprises.