In the realm of public industries, leadership and strategic vision are paramount to overcoming management challenges and driving organizational reform. Abacus recognizes the critical need to harmonize cultural, socio-political, and economic interfaces to unlock the full potential of the public sector. With a profound understanding of the importance of transparency, efficiency, and economic vitality, Abacus has emerged as a trusted consultancy and development partner for public sector entities.

We pride ourselves on a remarkable track record of successfully delivering numerous public projects that have contributed to remarkable development statistics and created abundant opportunities for enhanced management in the government sector. Our steadfast commitment to excellence has solidified our position as a catalyst for transformation and progress within the public sector.

At Abacus, we are dedicated to crafting coherent and transparent systems that optimize productivity and drive sustainable growth. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we empower organizations to navigate the complex challenges of the public sector and seize opportunities for advancement. Join us in reshaping the future of public sector management and harnessing the true potential of your organization.

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Services We Provide



Abacus emphasizes the importance of good governance for sustainable development. They work with both civil society and the state to enhance responsiveness, accountability, and citizen engagement. Their expertise includes policy reforms, capacity enhancement, anti-corruption measures, public financial management, poverty reduction, decentralization, gender mainstreaming, and monitoring and evaluation.


ICT Development

Abacus offers services in ICT-enabled development, including business process re-engineering, the establishment of EDP and ERP systems, computerized multimedia in schools, computer training, software development, and international networking.


Economic Growth Management

Abacus specializes in promoting economic growth through enlightened governance, assisting governments in implementing regulatory reforms, strengthening local economic governance, and promoting private sector development. Their expertise encompasses poverty reduction strategies, trade and commerce, policy development, food security, agribusiness and value chain development, enterprise development, macroeconomic reforms, privatization, and public-private partnerships.



Abacus offers comprehensive health services, including community health, nutrition, health education, HIV/AIDS prevention, women's and children's health, hospital planning, pharmaceuticals policy, and staffing training.


Public Finance & Management

Abacus specializes in providing support for effective Public Finance Management (PFM) systems, including budget preparation and execution, revenue and treasury management, public expenditure reviews, asset management, accounting and financial reporting, legal and institutional frameworks, training, capacity development, and automation.


Climate Change

Abacus offers support in environmental sustainability, including risk assessment, water resource management, soil conservation, environmental policies, urban planning, eco-tourism and Strategies on CDM and CERs. 


Monitoring, Evaluation And Research

Abacus excels in program and project management, offering expertise in results-based management, project planning, appraisals, monitoring and evaluation, gender mainstreaming, and capacity building.

Abacus Projects 


Provision Of IT Technologies For the Financial Management System Of The Government Of Bhutan


Program Management For The Launch Of, Jordan 2006


Reforming Afghanistan Pension System Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS)


Improving Public Financial And Human Resource Management Of Fata 2007-2012



Iraq State Pension Fund Contribution Management System Government Of Iraq 2011-Onwards



Punjab Municipal Administration Services Improvement Project World Bank Funded 2011-2012



Developing An Efficient Fiscal Decentralization Process And Improving Accountability 2008-2009



Compensation And Benefits Survey Etisalat Afghanistan MTN Afghanistan And TDC Afghanistan LTD



Reforming Pakistan’s Budget Preparation Process In Partnership With OPM 2003-2004 And 2006-2012


Choosing Abacus: Your Partner for Effective Public Sector Development

Abacus stands out as a top choice for public sector development due to its extensive experience, expertise, and comprehensive range of services. With decades of experience, Abacus has a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by governments and public institutions. Their approach emphasizes good governance, enlightened economic policies, and capacity building to drive sustainable development. Abacus combines technical knowledge with practical implementation, working closely with stakeholders and utilizing a multidisciplinary team of experts from both the public and private sectors. Their services span various critical areas, including regulatory reform, economic governance, public finance management, health, education, environmental sustainability, and ICT-enabled development. With a commitment to creativity, efficiency, and partnership, Abacus is well-equipped to support governments and institutions in achieving their development goals and creating positive, lasting impacts for their communities and citizens.