At Abacus, we understand the significance of research and analytics that align with your specific needs. Our approach emphasizes meticulous design to deliver answers to your questions, transcending mere information to provide valuable insights. We undertake projects that present well-organized data, enabling easy analysis, accurate interpretation, and the synthesis of realistic conclusions and impactful solutions for our clients. To ensure maximum utility, we employ a comprehensive range of secondary, primary qualitative, and quantitative research methodologies. Trust us to empower your decision-making through impactful research.

Services We Provide


Sector Studies


Sector Studies are comprehensive market study reports covering a specific industry or sub-sector. These may be based on secondary market research, primary market research or a hybrid of both. These are typically client-sponsored deliverables, however, SCF does publish off-the-shelf standard sector studies from time to time.


Benchmarking Studies


A benchmarking exercise refers to identifying best demonstrated models, practices and performances related to an entity’s operations, processes, products and services - which may compared to peer stats to assess their strengths and weaknesses and improve their performance, or establish models, practices and baselines.


Qualitative Research


A large primary research-based market research methodology that involves obtaining insights and information rather than numerical findings. Typically in-depth and open-ended interviews, focus groups, and case study research are used as the key methods of research.
Allows for more in-depth and psychological probing of behaviours and patterns. Data analysis methods also vary on a case-by-case basis.


Quantitative Research


Primary and secondary research involves collection, sorting, cleaning and analyzing numerical data to help define and test hypothesis, validate assumptions and make predictions. Multiple approaches and methodologies are utilized to collect and analyze data.


Why Choose Abacus for research and analysis services. 

Choose Abacus for your benchmarking needs and leverage the power of our Research Cell to drive impactful results. With a proven track record in delivering excellence, Abacus stands out as a trusted partner for benchmarking exercises. Our Research Cell adds a unique advantage by combining our expertise in consulting with robust research capabilities.
By choosing Abacus, you gain access to a team of experienced professionals who possess deep industry knowledge and expertise in benchmarking best practices. We meticulously identify and analyze best-demonstrated practices related to your entity's processes, products, and services. Our approach involves comparing your performance with peers, whether externally against best-in-class competitors or internally with other departments or SBUs conducting similar activities.
What sets us apart is our Research Cell, which serves as the driving force behind our benchmarking success. It allows us to conduct comprehensive market studies, harness primary and secondary research methodologies, and provide well-structured and data-driven benchmarking reports. The Research Cell ensures that our deliverables are supported by a bibliography of resource literature for secondary research, and in the case of primary research, we provide cleaned and collated raw data.