Coordinated management of large projects and programmes - for bilateral/multilateral clients as well as large corporates in the public and private sector. Our experienced programme managers help clients in streamlining processes, staffing, quality assurance and managing multiple projects and reducing the need for additional internal oversight of projects. We keep stringent alignment with programme and project objectives, as well as larger business goals and maintaining active reporting with concerned stakeholders to ensure zero divergence.

Services We Provide


Transaction Support

Working closely with project sponsors to map out the activities and workstreams against programme objectives.



Quality Assurance

Project oversight, extensive quality assurance and transaction support throughout the project lifecycle.


FD5ECDED-AE60-4D37-8C69-83B632DF358DExpert Sourcing


Placement of work to the most optimal external experts with the know-how and capacity to meet the set goals and objectives. Sound expert sourcing helps ensure that a project’s operations, timelines cost-effectiveness, and disruptions are kept at bay and ensure a high-quality of deliverables.


Why Choose Abacus for Programme Management Services

Abacus stands as a trusted choice for program management, orchestrating large projects and programs seamlessly. With a proven track record in serving bilateral/multilateral clients and large corporates within both public and private sectors, Abacus ensures meticulous coordination, strategic insight, and successful delivery for every project undertaken.