Offering intelligent solutions to a diverse client portfolio across various specializations

AbacusConsulting was one of the first firms in the country to realize the potential of Corporate Consulting. Utilizing the first-mover's advantage, we made most of the self-made opportunity and now offer a host of broad based services concerning Human Capital Solutions, Corporate Finance and Strategy, Business Transformation Solutions and Information Technology Solutions.


Although the technical competencies of AbacusConsulting deal with a wide array of developmental issues, Abacus considers the following areas of utmost importance:

  • Human Capital Strategy
  • AbacusConsulting deploys the Strategic Dialogue Process, a workshop based methodology for engaging the client’s entire organization in combining its best hindsight and foresight in aligned action, employing practices that are familiar to managers and strategic planners and in the best interest of stakeholders.
  • Talent Management and Development
  • Hiring the correct person for a job is one thing, making sure the new employee is deployed at the most suitable and best possible position is completely a different one. For this very purpose AbacusConsulting provides companies with a detailed analysis on where to assign a particular employee, manage their skill set in the most effective manner, check their performance and growth level, and ensure that they remain a valuable asset.
  • Human Resource Diagnostics
  • HR Diagnostics provide a complete picture of an organization's needs. While at one end the TRS Salary Survey tool is used to analyze industry wide compensation data, at the other end the Employee Engagement Survey reflects on a host of issues such as Career Development, Retention, and Organizational Climate factors, all of which have a strong bearing on the overall company performance.
  • Corporate Finance Consulting
  • Corporate Finance is an integral part of Corporate Consulting services at AbacusConsulting. These services have been provided by Abacus since its inception in 1987, and over the past two and a half decades have grown to address a wide range of financial advisory needs for operating in today’s increasingly complex and competitive corporate environment.
  • Change Management
  • Our Change Management solutions focus on framing a strategy and action plan for management, which helps in anchoring the process of change and its effective communication throughout the organization. This, we believe, is important for encompassing implementation of agreed strategy and capacity building for long term sustainability.
  • Human Resource Outsourcing
  • A focus on the core activities for any company is of the utmost importance in the highly competitive and innovative world of today – and so is cost saving and reducing overheads. For this purpose Human Resource Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular trend of conducting business.
  • Strategic Performance Management
  • In a globalized world with rapidly shifting economic scenarios with all the risks and opportunities evolving from disruptive technological advancements, we at Abacus assist our clients take effective strategic management decisions. At AbacusConsulting we aim to help clients develop proactive strategies for sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • Supply Chain and Operations Management
  • AbacusConsulting’s vast and diversified experience in multiple sectors ranging from Governments to Businesses enables us to offer our clients a wide array of services within the Operations Management area, thus allowing them to take better decisions.
  • Strategy Consulting
  • It is our understanding that developing and implementing an appropriate strategy is essential if you expect to expand your business, increase your profits, and turn a loss-making unit around. At AbacusConsulting, strategy advisors work closely with corporate finance consultants to devise the best and most appropriate strategy for you.