Abacus Supports British Council Corporate Initiative 2014

Abacus partnered with British Council to bridge the gap between Pakistani students studying in UK universities and potential employers in Pakistan. This strategic and value-adding initiative brings Pakistani students closer to potential employers in Pakistan which will have significant and far reaching implications for Pakistani students studying at UK universities.

Under this Corporate Initiative, employers’ fairs were organized at Brunel University, University of Manchester and University of Warwick where a considerable number of Pakistani students are enrolled.

British universities continue to offer a winning environment and platform for students committed to achieving excellence. It is also noteworthy that the institutions are consciously facilitating their graduates to identify promising careers with organizations. Developing strong linkages between prospective employers and future employees ensures the effectiveness of the talent supply chain.

Abacus’s previous experience has been quite positive when interacting with potential graduates and members of the universities' staff and faculty. It indicated a genuine interest and inclination of students wishing to return to Pakistan, and the opportunity to connect with potential Pakistan based organizations. Streamlining the next steps following graduation, makes it easier and less challenging to seek the students' preferred career or organization of choice.

In current challenging economic times, the British Council Career Fair 2014 is well-placed to create awareness and provide excellent opportunities for students to establish initial connections with employers. Pakistani companies stand to benefit from the high standards and competence of UK qualified graduates.