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Financial institutions can introduce mobile banking services that allow customers to have the flexibility and convenience of managing their finances over their mobile phones. Customers can make micropayments, check account balances, transfer money, pay bills and more with mBanking.

Financial institutions can easily integrate the mBanking platform with existing e-channel banking platforms or with their core banking systems so that they can offer and support innovative mobile commerce applications and services.

Key Features

End-to-end mobile banking  
mBanking provides software, services and messaging—the most complete of all enterprise mobile banking solutions.

Introduces a new channel to interact with customers 
Mobile marketing allows you to communicate more efficiently and effectively with your customers. You can manage the user experience throughout the entire customer development lifecycle.

Adapts to all networks and mobile devices  
Financial institutions in developed and emerging markets can rely on the mBanking platform for a complete mobile banking solution that supports all mobile transactions conducted through a cell phone.

Delivers communications across multiple mobile channels, including SMS, USSD, mobile Web browser and mobile application 
mBanking supports all popular messaging channels so that financial institutions can appeal to broad consumer base. Banks have multiple options for creating low-cost payment services such as money transfers, micro-finances, account balance inquiries, bill payments, recent transactions and more.

Delivers powerful payment processing and service delivery  
mBanking includes the Mobilizer platform, an operator-grade payment processing and service delivery platform. The Mobilizer platform provides a state-of-the-art Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).