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Type of Academies
Companies around the world are becoming increasingly aware that SAP solutions streamline processes, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency. SAP software installation is considered as business-critical activity. The complexities and the innumerable capabilities of the SAP solution create the need to train resources in order to maximize potential and use SAP Solutions effectively.

Since 2005 AbacusConsulting has been providing quality SAP Education. It has been more than ten years since AbacusConsulting tied knot with SAP and became the first education partner in Pakistan. We are proud to have produced some of the best known names in SAP consulting both locally and internationally. Our academy results have consistently shown high passing percentages attributable to our expert trainers and our team of strong Education Managers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Certified Consultants from AbacusConsulting SAP Academy are equipped with the knowledge and expertise in SAP business solutions to meet the overwhelming demand for certified SAP professionals in the market. Precisely, Abacus SAP Academy offers comprehensive, hands-on classes for SAP Partners, independent customers, student and anyone who seeks intensive training in SAP products.

In addition to this, our portfolio comprise of some of the most challenging SAP implementations which has helped us build a team of truly seasoned SAP consultants capable to deliver high quality trainings and correlate SAP knowledge with real life learning.

Why should you choose Abacus SAP Education?

  • Expertise: It's been ten years that we are into SAP Education and recently we celebrated 10 successful years of partnership with SAP.
  • SAP eAcademy Partner Award: AbacusConsulting won SAP eAcademy Partner Award in 2012
  • Best Academy Sales Award: Abacus won Best Academy Sales Award in 2014.
  • Access in three different cities: Our academies are located in three cities across Pakistan (Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad).
  • Wide range of modules: We offer wide range of modules with well equipped training center.
  • Three training approaches: We offer
    • eAcademy
    • Instructor Led Training
    • Customized Training
  • A chance to interact with Consultants: eAcademy students have a chance to interact with our consultants

With Abacus you have the flexibility to choose from various learning options:

  1. Option 1:SAP eAcademy:

SAP eAcademy is the newest and most innovative education program rolled out by SAP throughout the region. SAP eAcademy adopts the learner-centric approach. AbacusConsulting is proud to be the pioneers to introduce SAP eAcademy in Pakistan.

SAP eAcademy offers an efficient way to transfer knowledge designed specifically to deliver information. Each course provides interactive snapshots of business processes along with simulations, exercises, pre/post evaluations. Moreover, you can seek assistance through dedicated online support available to students via Web-based chat, VoiceOver IP, NetMeetings and as well as through global learner discussion boards. Participants have direct access to SAP Training Material in our premises. The 200-hour course can be completed by assessment over a period of three months or five months.

 Key Highlights of the eAcademy

  • Teaching medium: Training Terminals (Desktops)
  • Course content: Designed specifically for consultants; focused on business process and solution areas. Covers ILT content
  • Flexible format: Allows students to proceed at their own pace and repeat lessons as needed while providing interactive snapshots and simulated exercises.
  • Live access: Live access to the SAP training system helps learner practice exercises and demos in real time.
  • On-line support available: Online support is available through web-based chat, net meetings, and expert instructors help support available at scheduled times.
  • SAP eAcademy Includes: e-Learning courses, help desk support, access to training systems, student handbooks
  • Key Benefits: Cost Effective and flexible
  1. Option 2:SAP Instructor Led Training:

ILT is designed especially for all those interested candidates who want to finish the track in 21-25 working days. The course will be exactly the same as international standards followed by a certification exam.

Key Highlights ILT

  • Taught by: Experienced SAP Trainers in a classroom environment
  • Duration: 21 to 25 Working days (9am-5pm)
  • Curriculum: As Internationally prescribed by SAP
  • Training System: Live SAP Training Server each student has their own workstation
  • Training Material: Standard SAP Manuals provided as Hard Copies
  • Outcome: On Successful Completion Students get an Academy Certificate from AbacusConsulting and are eligible to apply for SAP Certification Exam
  • Key Benefits: Students can learn directly from the experience of Abacus SAP Consultants
  1. Option 3:SAP Customized/Corporate Training:

This track is for existing clients and consultants who want to excel in their respective SAP domain(s). These are all professional and master level courses. We can also customize existing courses to meet your specific training needs. Once we customize a course for you, your team can attend the training at our training facility – or if you have the required training infrastructure, we can conduct the training at your site.

Course details would be custom provided based on training requirements.

For further details, please download Abacus SAP Education Services Brochure here