Abacus Consulting, the leading consulting and technology firm, has forged an exclusive strategic partnership for Pakistan with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), a globally recognized provider of executive education. With a remarkable track record spanning almost five decades, CCL has been at the forefront of leadership education, research, and expertise, addressing the complex leadership challenges faced by individuals and organizations worldwide. Leveraging a vast network of nearly 750 faculty members and 1,000 associates across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, CCL has empowered clients to surpass their potential through a diverse range of leadership programs, tailored products, digital learning solutions, coaching, assessments, tools, and support. CCL's steadfast commitment to leadership development has consistently earned it a top 10 ranking by esteemed publications like the Financial Times and Bloomberg, with the unique distinction of being the only institution exclusively dedicated to leadership development among the ranked institutions. Through this strategic partnership, Abacus Consulting and CCL combine their expertise to deliver impactful leadership solutions, enabling individuals and organizations to achieve extraordinary success in today's challenging business landscape.

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Programs We Provide

Lead 4 Success

Lead 4 Success® moves leaders from average to high-performing by developing the 4 fundamental leadership skills — self-awareness, learning agility, influence, and communication — that leaders at any level need to master for success.                                                                     

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Talent Conversations

The Talent Conversations Program empowers managers to engage employees, prepare effectively, and foster commitment and engagement for improved performance and development.

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Boundary Span Leadership

Boundary Spanning Leadership breaks down barriers and promotes collaboration within organizations. It fosters innovation and shared goals, unlocking the collective potential of the workforce.

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Resolving Conflicts & Disruption

CCL course focuses on conflict management & workplace leadership. Participants learn strategies to reduce conflicts, gain perspective, seek agreement, and resolve conflicts constructively.

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Leadership Gap Indicator

An assessment that evaluates existing organizational leadership capabilities and how they relate to future success. The Leadership Gap Indicator™ gathers and analyzes managers' opinions about development needs. Results can be used to create plans for developing leadership talent.Learn More

Listening to Understand

Effective listening is paramount to a leader's success. It enhances communication, reduces conflicts, and fosters stronger relationships. Mastering this skill transforms leadership abilities for greater effectiveness.

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Learning Agility

CCL's leadership agility training develops leaders skilled in navigating change and uncertainty. Emphasizing learning agility, it enables applying lessons from experiences to new situations. Enhanced leadership agility empowers managers to tackle challenges and drive positive outcomes for the organization.

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Leading Change
Leading People through Change goes beyond change management to emphasize change leadership for successful employee engagement and commitment. Understanding the stages employees go through during change, it focuses on communication, collaboration, and commitment to align teams and drive change efforts effectively.
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Creating Accountability

This accountability workshop provides tools and skills to make stepping up to ownership easier. It equips learners with the strategies to make informed decisions to commit to generating expected outcomes or work with the system to gain the clarification required to determine the desired results accurately.

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Feedback That Works

This course teaches CCL's simple, powerful, and effective feedback model, which enables employees to give and receive focused, productive feedback.

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Influence: The Business of Getting Things Done

Empower leaders to become influential decision-makers with our Influence workshop. Strengthen their ability to drive commitment, boost performance, foster process improvements, and amplify revenue. Participants will discover the significance of influence in achieving organizational success.

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Selling Your Ideas

CCL's Selling Your Ideas: Moving from Concept to Reality program equips your leaders with the knowledge, techniques, and tools to effectively create buy-in for their ideas across the organization. Good leaders generate new ideas to improve performance, create positive change, and drive financial results. Great leaders make those ideas happen.

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Front Line Leader Impact

Almost 60% of managers never receive training for their first leadership role. This frontline leadership training course can correct that. Over the course of 6 weeks, this interactive, engaging online learning experience gives high-potential talent the confidence and skills they need to be successful in a frontline leadership role, increase personal effectiveness, and build relationships to get work done

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Direction-Alignment-Commitment Framework for Effective Leadership

Whether within a team, workgroup, task force, division, department, community, or an entire organization, there must be a clear sense of shared direction, alignment, and commitment. The group needs agreement about its direction and what they are trying to accomplish together; they must have alignment for effective coordination of the work in service of their shared direction; and members with commitment prioritize the success of the collective.

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Delegating Effectively

Delegating effectively isn’t just telling someone what to do or assigning them tasks. It means giving authority and responsibilities to individuals or a team and providing the resources, direction, and support needed to achieve expected results. Delegation shows real trust in your team and involves giving someone the authority to do something that is normally part of your job — along with the help they need to do it.

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Abacus Clientele

Why Choose the Abacus/CCL Leadership Journey?

At Abacus, our mission is to be the global transformation partner of choice for clients determined to thrive in an ever-evolving world. In collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership, we present a groundbreaking opportunity to embark on a transformative journey, unlocking the full leadership potential of individuals and organizations alike. With our powerful tools and profound insights, we have the ability to reshape not only individuals but also societies and the world at large. Join us on this extraordinary pathway to elevate your organizational leadership capabilities and shape the future of business. Together, we can create a lasting impact that transcends boundaries and propels us towards a brighter tomorrow.